The National Association of Realtors® tells us 97% of potential buyers look at properties online first.

Buyers usually use a mobile device to search for homes in their desired location. They look at photos on websites, listings, and ads. Statistically they visit around ten properties, and most buy after they have only seen six !

For both vacant and occupied properties, HOME STAGING before marketing is crucial to ensure the best photos for this online opportunity!

The average buyer is much younger than the average seller. This may cause a challenge to the seller, because of all the new approaches used these days. This is why it is so important to be better than the competition, and Home Stage the property before marketing!

Seven out of every ten millennials are willing to pay more money for move-in ready property! Why? The main reasons are financial. They have scraped all the money together for the deposit, but they don’t have cash flow to support Renovations after move-in. Instead, they can readily access long-term, low-rate mortgages, which makes it easier for them to afford a higher priced property.

Ultimately, millennials don’t have the time, money, or skills to do the work needed.

This is why it is important to do the obvious home improvements and staging before taking the photos because 66% of first time buyers are millennials. 2 important ways of preparing the property for listing: 

1- Home Staging consultation : is where the stager provides a detailed report of necessary improvements for the sellers to do themselves. Example: renos, décor , decluttering, cleaning ,which makes their home more desirable and market ready!

CSP® stagers are coached on how to deliver these recommendations without offending the client.

2- Home Staging :  The stager personally does all the work. They rearrange furniture, bring in (if necessary) updated furniture and accessories, artwork, etc. and  paint certain rooms etc. and beautify the property to its maximum potential.

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