Wendy Trautwein

Wendy is the creator and owner of Nuances du Nord, a design company that offers many services in the home design field.

These services include:

  • Renovation assistance – Helping the homeowner and investor to renovate tastefully, efficiently, and for less cost!
  • Home Staging – Trained and certified from the only certified home staging institute in Canada, CSP International. Wendy has over 20 years of experience in design. She has assisted many homeowners and investors in successful and profitable sales after using her services.
  • Furniture Refinishing and upcycling – Due to her experience in home staging and renovation, adding furniture refinishing services made good sense and helped clients to save money on staging and renos. It also helps the environment by repairing, renewing and up-cycling existing furniture and materials.

With her vast experience of personally renovating and flipping properties, Wendy has acquired access to reliable suppliers, materials and services as a result of extensive sourcing.

Before her career in Home Design Services, Wendy worked several years as a textile and bedding designer. She still occasionally designs custom-made bedding and accessories for her clients.

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Our Story

As a professional designer and Certified CSP International Home-Stager, I have more than 20 years of expertise in the field of design. I have home-staged many properties and have also assisted clients with their home renovations. I have personally renovated and flipped various homes and luxury condos in Montreal. Now living in the Laurentians, I offer my services both here and in the Montreal area.

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SOLD FIRST VISIT! As a real estate investor, I have had amazing success selling my properties since I have used Wendy’s home staging services, Nuances du Nord. There was a big change in the reactions of my potential buyers when the properties were staged by her and her staff. I use her company for staging continuously, and most of my investments sell within weeks, actually one of them SOLD THE FIRST VISIT. I have used her in my investment business using her expertise, because I am confident my properties will sell faster, and for a higher price, even in this tough real estate market.

Jack P. / Investor

At one point, everybody feels like refreshing their surroundings… Wendy transformed my bedroom into a whole new relaxing place, saw to the whole renovation of my bathroom (which desperately needed it),and transformed my tired poolroom into a guest  bedroom suite! Wendy also dyed my sofa covers to give them a new look… She listened, and proposed options fully respecting my tastes and the style of the house. Wendy took care of everything, the shopping, the samples, the hiring and supervising of the specialized workers, all of this for a fraction of the budget I had put aside. My new environment is gorgeous, and working with Wendy was a true pleasure and a fun experience from beginning to end.

Ms. Thompson

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I have been a real estate agent for many years … and I decided to introduce Wendy to one of my clients who was having a lot of difficulties selling his property. After Wendy staged the property, I went to see what she did, and what a professionally staged home looks like. I was amazed, all I could say when I walked around the property was “wow, wow, wow” and then told Wendy,” now I have a product to sell” The response at the open house was so much better than before, and I finally sold this property! Now, I am always excited to see what the homes look like after Wendy has staged them, they are so beautiful , the space is uncluttered and well balanced, and I know I will sell them a lot faster and easier!

Danielle L.

I have recently purchased a house which needed a lot of love before being resold. Within a few months, Wendy and her team turned a poorhouse into a jewel! She first diagnosed the keepers and the must change..came up with a variety of smart, affordable ideas, and then supervised the whole operations, from changing the furnace to replacing the kitchen counter, from isolating the basement to painting and home staging the bedrooms and bathroom, from purchasing top second-hand appliances to redoing the whole lighting and outdoor staircase!!! The house turned into a desirable property and the new owners are proud and fully satisfied.